Training 2014-2015

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ICAT brochure outside

Intensive Creative Arts Therapy Certificate Program Brochure

ICAT brochure inside

Intensive Creative Arts Therapy Certificate Program Brochure

Dream Weaver poster

November 7-9, 2014 "Dream Weaver"
Kate Donohue Ph.D., REAT, International Faculty

Blooming Like a Flower session poster

December 6-7, 2014 "Blooming Like a Flower: Honouring and Protecting Inner Essence"
Yoga teacher, folklorist Candace Froebe
Art therapist, counselor, consultant Darci Adam

Art as a Spiritual Practice poster

January 17, 2015 "Art as Spiritual Practice"
Tanja Woloshen MFA



Art as a Spirtual Practice poster

January 18, 2015 "Art as Spiritual Practice"
Marg Janick-Grayston MDiv, Certified Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator Spiritual Mentor

  Exploring Indigenous Knowledge through Art

March 21, 2015 "Exploring Indigenous Knowledge through Art"
Leah Fontaine BA Theatre, BFA Drawing, MA Native Studies; Dakota Anishinaabe Metis Artist;
Project Manager ACI Manitoba

Exploring Indigenous Knowledge through Art poster

March 22, 2015 "Exploring Indigenous Knowledge through Art"
David Dorian Boulanger, Frontman for Burnt Project 1; Anishinaabe Cultural and Spiritual Teacher


Symbols in Theatre and Storytelling

April 25-26, 2015 "Symbols in Theatre and Storytelling"
Mia van Leeuwen MFA, Artistic Director, Out of Line Theatre Co-op

WHEAT Christine

May 23-24, 2014 "Self Care Through the Arts"
Christing Ciona, MA, Creative Arts Therapy, CCC, Joy Guru, Abundant Living Guide, Drama Therapist

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The Path to Wholeness

  • All people have an innate ability to be creative.
  • The creative process is healing. The expressive product supplies important messages to the individual. However, it is the process of creation that is profoundly transformative.
  • Personal growth and higher states of consciousness are achieved through self-awareness, self-understanding, and insight.
  • Self-awareness, self-understanding, and insight are achieved by delving into our emotions. The feelings of grief, anger, pain, fear, joy and ecstasy are the tunnel through which we must pass to get to the other side: to self awareness, understanding and wholeness.
  • Our feelings and emotions are an energy source. That energy can be chanelled into the expressive arts to be released and transformed.
  • The expressive arts - including movement, art, writing, sound, music, meditation, and imagery, lead us into the unconscious. This often allows us to express previously unknown facets of ourselves, thus bringing to light new information and awareness.
  • Art modes interrelate in what I call the “creative connection.” When we move, it affects how we write or paint. When we write or paint, it affects how we feel and think. During the creative connection process, one art form stimulates and nurtures the other, bringing us to an inner core or essence, which is our life energy.
  • A connection exists between our life force - our inner core, or soul - and the essence of all beings. Therefore, as we journey inward to discover our essence or wholeness, we rediscover our relatedness to the outer world. Inner and outer become one.

~Natalie Rogers in “Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy: A Path to Wholeness” in Approaches to Art Therapy edited by Judith Rubin Aaron